Inclement Weather/ Tywydd garw

Inclement weather guidance/ Tywydd garw

Dear Parents / Guardians,


Please find information below regarding school closures in inclement weather.


School closures due to inclement weather

In the event of extreme weather conditions resulting in heavy snow/icy conditions, the Headteacher will consult with the School Caretaker by 7 am and make a decision on whether or not safe access to the building can be achieved. The decision to close the school is never taken lightly. Every effort will be made to keep the school open but this decision will be based on a risk assessment in respect of:

  • adequate staffing being provided to teach and supervise the pupils
  • provision of school lunches
  • ensuring that staff and pupils are able to return home safely at the end of the school day
  • fully functioning heating system


If the decision to close the school has been made by the Headteacher, she will inform the Local Authority, the Chair of Governors and all staff. A text message will be sent to all parents (messages will also be sent via ourschoolsapp). We will inform ‘96.4 FM The Wave’ that the school is closed and a list of closed schools will be read out on air at regular intervals during the course of the morning. You can also consult the council website (

If the school remains open but weather conditions deteriorate during the course of the day (listen to the forecast) it will be important for parents to be available for contact if the school has to close later in the day (this might be necessary to enable pupils and staff to get home safely, it might also be as the result of the heating system breaking down or the catering department being unable to provide lunches as planned at the beginning of day). If you are unable to pick your child up in the event of the school closing, you will need to contact the school giving details of who is authorised to pick your children up (if they are not already on the contact sheet).

Please also be aware that if the school is open, it might not necessarily be able to operate a ‘normal’ timetable and lessons due to staff shortages.


Parents (and all users of the building) will be informed of the safe route into the building and we would urge you to take extra care on the premises in hazardous conditions. Parents should ensure that their child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions i.e. warm clothing, coat, hat, scarf and gloves, Wellingtons (if possible) with indoor shoes in a carrier bag.


Many Thanks

Dunvant Primary School